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NIGHT OF WINE Party Dedicated to the Drink of Gods

Concert of four tenors gave special touch to the presentation of plavac, traditional wine from Pelješac held in Ston. Also, Pomena, on the Island of Mljet hosted traditional Night of Wine. 

EVERYONE AGREES 'Marin Držić - Victory over the Enemies' Is the Best Play of the Season

Theatre play 'Marin Držić - Victory over the Enemies' had its premiere on Sunday at the Music School Park. 

STREET PARTY Local Singer, Food and Wine For Perfect Port Night

Traditional street party 'Gruž night' starts at 9.30 pm on Saturday, 19 August 2017.  

ARGENTINIAN FOOTBALL PLAYER Alejandro Dario Gomez Recommends Dubrovnik

Alejandro 'Papu' Gomez shared a photo of Dubrovnik on his Instagram. 

PREMIERE Four Hours of The Glembays For All Theatre Lovers

For the very first time the capital drama of Miroslav Krleža, the most important Croatian author of the 20th century, played at Art Gallery Dubrovnik within Dubrovnik Summer Festival. 

JOSE ENRIQUE MORENTE: ‘Why Would Someone Come to Flamenco Show? Because It’s Worth It.’

Jose Enrique Morente is a flamenco musician from Granada performing in Dubrovnik for the first time within Orsula Festival on Saturday, 5 July. Dubrovnik Daily had a quick chat about growing up in famous flamenco family, performance in Dubrovnik and future projects. 

HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY Leo DiCaprio Enjoys Summer in Croatia on Super Yacht

Leo may have missed his fans in Dubrovnik but he did visit South of Croatia on a luxury yacht Kismet. 

ANTUN MASLE EXHIBITION OPENING Colours Expressed Through Words and Words Expressed Through Colours

'Colours Expressed Through Words and Words Expressed Through Colours – Layers of Reality and Illusion in the Same Oneiric Fairy Tale' exibition on the occation of the 50th anniversary of the death of Dubrovnik born painter Antun Masle was opened within Dubrovnik Summer Festival 

UPGRADE New Visual Identity of Dubrovnik's MoMa

Talented Nora Mojaš and Made Milićević designed stunning new conceptual solution for The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik. 

DANIEL CRAIG James Bond to Fight Supervillain in Dubrovnik

The 25th official James Bond film to be released in November 2019 has a working title of Shatterhand with Daniel Craig as 007 agent. 

KEZIAH JONES: ‘Yes, Dubrovnik is My Home Now’

Keziah Jones is known for his distinctive style, the so-called blufunk that is a blend of blues, fun and soul, which is a combination of the artist's native Africa, but also of London and Paris. His funky style guarantees a great time tonight at Orsula Park. 

DU-EL FESTIVAL Movie Star Rockes Dubrovnik's DJ Scene

Idris Elba, English actor with residence in Hollywood, showed a great time as DJ at Culture Club Revelin. 

MUST-ATTEND SHOW Free Concert At Orsula Park

Indian musician Dhroeh Nankoe will perform with his ensemble on a Saturday night at Orsula Festival for free, as a present to all the festival fans, organizers say. 
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