LAPAD BAY New It Place To Be

Tourists and locals couldn't wait for the first phase of reconstruction in Lapad beach to finish. Now they have beach, restaurants, playground and more. 

OLD TOWN Founder of the World Famous Fashion Brand Visits Dubrovnik

Tommy Hilfiger spends holiday with his wife in the Pearl of Adriatic. 

KONGRES MAGAZINE Dubrovnik is the Meeting Star of 2017

Central and Southeast Europe Meetings Industry Magazine 'Kongres' publishes results for the best meetings destinations of 2017. 

HOLIDAY IN DUBROVNIK French Model Under Croatian Sun

The Body of Dior Amphore 2016 Audrey Bouette shares photos of her Dubrovnik Holiday. 

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INTEVIEW WITH KEZIAH JONES 'My Job As a Nigerian Is To Do What Fela Kuti did, Only For a Different Era'

Keziah Jones is known for his distinctive style, the so-called blufunk that is a blend of blues, fun and soul, which is a combination of the artist's native Africa, but also of London and Paris. Dubrovnik Daily talked with Jones about his music, Nigeria, life philosophy and more in Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel.